Forms & Resources

Here you will find all essential forms and resources for your involvement with the PtHA. Click on the form name to download the form, then simply fill it out and send it in to the Pinto Office.


2014 Membership Application

Family Relationship Form

Grandparent's Club Form


Amateur Master Certificate Nomination Form

Amateur Scholarship Application


Youth Scholarship Application

Stephen's College Scholarship Application

Youth Director Application


Registration Application (horse, pony, mini, utility)

Transfer Report

Lease Notification Form

Lease Termination Form

Duplicate Certificate Application

Stallion Breeding Report

Pony/Miniature Measurement Form

Agent Authorization

Castration Report

Death Report

Horse Name Change

Show Management

Show Approval Application

Show Results Cover Sheet & Checklist

Master Entry Form

Judge Cards

Judge Conflict of Interest

Judge Tally Form

Judge Evaluation Form

• Reasonable Accomodation Application and Rules

On-Site Membership Application


Complete PtHA Judges List

Color Breed Council - 2014 International Judges Seminar Packet

Judges Approved for Versatility Ranch Horse Event

Judges Application

Judge's Show Evaluation Form

• Score Sheets

PtHA Charters

Charter Application

Charter Renewal

Charter Super Horse

Open Competition Activities Program

Enrollment Form

Show Approval Form

• Reporting Forms

On The Trail - Recreational Riding Program

• Enrollment and Rules

Time Log


PtHA Officer and Committee Guide Book

eMail Advertising Contract

Hall of Fame Nomination Form - Individual, Equine, Judge, Prof. Horseman & Horsewoman

Board of Director Nomination Form

PtHA Promotional Materials Request Form

Webcast Co-Sponsor Agreement

Zone Rivalry Entry Form

Legal Info

Contact PtHA Controller for more information regarding Tax Returns.

PtHA Tax Returns