Individual Hall of Fame

The Pinto Horse Association of America, Inc. is privileged to have members that go above and beyond the membership duties. To recognize these individuals that have positively impacted the Pinto breed or the association, PtHA established the Individual Hall of Fame in 1990. To nominate a person to the Individual Hall of Fame, download the nomination form and tell us why this individual deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Class of 1990



Aaron "Buzz" Olmsted

Harry Ash

L'zann Ayers

L.A. Bingham

Earl Browning



Harry Dodd

Dorothy Lawrence

John Liston

Ernestine Ownings

Greg Procopio



Clarence Sultzer

Herb Weydert


Class of 1991




Alice Horset


Class of 1992




Walter Clark

Class of 1993    


Wyneta Duncan

Carl Field

Vicki Lynn Goebel

Dr. A.N. Langum

Class of 1994    








Harold Curd





Class of 1995




Eddie Wood


Class of 1996







Donnie Suggs

Class of 1997     





Barbara Newland-Hulsey

Renna Royse



Class of 1998    


Barbara Grissom

Class of 1999     





Kathy McCullough

Dolores Greenlee



Class of 2000    



Billie Cousins

Class of 2001     


Don Manuello

Orren and Evelyn Mixer

Class of 2003    




Darrell Bilke

T.K. Hyatt

Gary Vance, Sr.



Class of 2004    



Barbara Wood

Class of 2005     





Bill Bowen

Alice Humphrey



Class of 2006    


Lynn Hickey

Denny Tuttle

Class of 2007    


Fred A. Kinder, Jr.

John Young

Tom and Jaci Zellmer

Class of 2008    


Ann Cummings

Terry Nance

Denny Oviatt

Class of 2009    


Marjorie Moser

Janice Stiefel

Terry Wiens

Class of 2010     




Bobbieann Lawrence

Ron McMillian

Class of 2011          
      Bob Heidlage Pat Walliser      
 Class of 2012    

Clarice Fairchild


Clarice "Corky" Fairchild

Class of 2013    


Woody & Letha Marshall

Eldon L. Petersen Ed Roberts     
Class of 2014    

      Tom Coyle

Pat Meade

Jim Pearson Carmen Zampini  
Class of 2015    

Terri Branham

Class of 2016    

Marilyn Novat

Doris Ann Hays

Class of 2017    

Jeff Kirkbride

  Annette Pitcher

 Charles Peter Thornton

Class of 2018    

IMG 0001Blair Carter


Jerry and Faith Bates-Donahue

Paul Delvina Gamez 

 Paul and Delvina Gamez

Class of 2019    

Jim Archer

Dale Smith

Class of 2020    

Charlie Hall

Rick Houske 

Class of 2021    

Kim Hall

Dorothy Fread

Bart Thompson