Originally established primarily as a color registry, today the association has grown to offer four conformation types, Stock, Hunter, Pleasure and Saddle. In addition to the four types of horses, PtHA also has separate divisions for ponies, miniatures and utility horses.

Many spotted equines are eligible for registration with the Pinto Horse Association of America, Inc. Listed on the right hand side are the approved outcrosses. PtHA can also register horse mares and geldings based on their color alone as well as any sex of ponies and minis.

The PtHA does not accept any horses with Appaloosa (except solid-bred Appaloosa geldings), draft or mule breeding and/or characteristics or known breeding within the previous four generations, except for utility classified horses.

Horse stallions cannot be registered unless both parents are registered with PtHA or a PtHA approved outcross breed. Ponies and miniature Utility horse stallions can be registered with undocumented parentage.





A Pinto horse must have four square inches of cumulative white in the qualifying zone and underlying pink skin or have documented color on outcross papers. The color requirement is modified with the size of the equine requiring only three square inches for ponies and two square inches for miniatures.


The equines that do not meet the color requirement, but have at least two or more Pinto characteristics (blue eyes; leg white is center point of knee and hock; white or multi-colored hooves; collective white in the eligible zones, but not enough to qualify for color; pink skin) are registered in the Solid Registry. If the equines are registered with approved outcross breeds but don't meet the color requirement, these equines can also be registered as Solids. Solid Pintos are not allowed to participate in PtHA events unless specified by the event rules.



The Pinto comes in four different sizes – miniature, miniature B, pony and horse.


A miniature Pinto is any equine measuring 34 inches or less and a miniature B Pinto is any equine measuring more than 34 inches to 38 inches. A Pinto pony is any equine measuring more than 38 inches to 56 inches. A Pinto horse is an equine measuring more than 56 inches or 14 hands.



Horses, ponies and utility horses are classified by type. The four Pinto horse types include stock, hunter, pleasure and saddle.


Stock – a western horse of predominantly Quarter Horse or Paint breeding and conformation

Hunter – an English horse generally including Thoroughbred and approved European Warmblood breeding and conformation

Pleasure – a horse usually of Arabian, Andalusian or Morgan breeding and conformation

Saddle – a gaited horse, possibly Saddlebred, Hackney or Tennessee Walker breeding and conformation.


The two Utility types are include Gypsy and Drum.


Gypsy - a horse of predominantly Gypsy Cob or Vanner breeding. Conformation displays a heavy build and short to moderate frame.

Drum - a horse of predominantly Gypsy crossbreeding with other draft type breeds. Conformation displays a larger, taller frame.




                  Stock                 Hunter                Pleasure               Saddle                Utility



The two color patterns are the Tobiano and the Overo. The Tobiano coat appears to be white with large flowing spots of color, often overlapping. Spots of color typically originate from the head, chest, flank and buttock, often including the tail. The Overo coat appears to be a colored horse with white markings. Spots of white appear to be jagged and usually originate on the animal’s side or belly spreading toward the neck, tail, legs and back. White almost never crosses the back.



To register, simply fill out the application and send it in to the PtHA Office along with four color photos (front, left side, right side, rear), copy of outcross papers (if available), sire/dam's registration (if necessary), and registration fee. *All parts of the horse must be seen in pictures, including tips of ears, nose and all hooves.


Field Representatives


A PtHA Field Representative can be found at most Pinto shows. They can inspect your Pinto and assign you a temporary PtHA number that allows you to show immediately and is good for three months after the date of issue. The Field Representative will send us all of your paperwork and we will assign a permanent PtHA registration number. Please contact the show manager to make sure a Field Representative will be present.



Accepted HORSE outcross breeds by type

Stock/Hunter Types

  •    • American Bashkir Curly Horse Registry
  •    • American Buckskin Registry Association
  •    • American Paint Horse Association
  •    • American Quarter Horse Association
  •    • American Warmblood Society
  •    • Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association
  •    • Hanoverian
  •    • Holsteiner
  •    • Hungarian Warmblood
  •    • International Buckskin Horse Association
  •    • International Curly Horse Association
  •    • Jockey Club [Thoroughbred]
  •    • North American Spotted Haflinger
  •    • Oldenburg
  •    • Oldenburg of America
  •    • Trakhener
  •    • United States Trotting Association      [Standardbred]
  •    • Westphalian

Pleasure/Saddle Types

  •    • American Hackney Horse Society
  •    • American Morgan Horse Registry
  •    • American Saddlebred Horse Association
  •    • American Saddlebred Horse Association of      Canada
  •    • Arabian Horse Registry
  •    • Canadian Arabian Horse Registry
  •    • Dutch Harness
  •    • Half Arabian Horse Registration
  •    • International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse      Association
  •    • Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association
  •    • National Show Horse Registry
  •    • Paso Fino
  •    • Pleasure Saddle Horse Registry
  •    • Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and      Exhibitors Association

Accepted UTILITY outcross breeds by type

Gypsy and Drum Types

  •    • American Drum Horse Association
  •    • Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association
  •    • Gypsy Horse Association
  •    • Gypsy Horse Registry of America
  •    • Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
  •    • The Gypsy Cob Society (Ireland)
  •    • The Gypsy Cob Society (United Kingdom)

Accepted PONY outcross breeds

Stock/Hunter Types

  •    • American Paint Pony Registry
  •    • American Quarter Pony Association
  •    • American Shetland Pony Club
  •    • Chinioteague Pony
  •    • Connemara
  •    • North American Spotted Haflinger
  •    • Welsh Pony Society of America
  •    • All recognized horse outcross breeds

Pleasure/Saddle Types

  •    • American Hackney Horse Society
  •    • American Shetland Pony Club
  •    • Missouri Foxtrotting Pony

Accepted MINI outcross breeds

  •    • American Miniature Horse Association
  •    • American Miniature Horse Registry
  •    • Gold Seal Miniature Horse Registry
  •    • International Miniature Horse Registry
  •    • World Class Miniature