The Color Breed Registry

  • Registration of horses, ponies, and miniatures
  • Transfers of horses, ponies, and miniatures
  • Adds value to your horse, pony and/or miniature
  • Eligible to compete in all PtHA® shows including the Pinto World Championship® show.

Long Ear Registry

  • Registration of mules and donkeys
  • Transfers of mules and donkeys
  • Adds value to your mule and/or donkey
  • Eligible to compete in all PtHA® shows including the Pinto World Championship® show.



  • Earn points for National Year-End High Point awards
  • Eligible for Year-End High Point Awards, including 1 year use of a Trailer from Twin Cities South Trailers & Gist Silversmith Buckle, ARC Saddle, Shorty's Caboy Hattery 100x Hat Certificate, ARC Show Halter & ARC Show Headstall.
  • Compete in a friendly relaxed atmosphere
  • Select from a large variety of events
  • Register of Merit Awards - earn points and awards for PtHA® competition


  • SOAR - (Select Opportunities and Rewards Program) This program awards PtHA® members for their time spent with their Pinto in all divisions and all activities. Members will earn credits by showing at a local, non-PtHA shows such as Open, Schooling and fun shows. Other activities that count for credits include: trail riding, lessons, driving, parades and much more!
  • Scholarships - money for college!
  • Earn free membership by winning your charter's Super Horse Award



  • We offer annual and lifetime memberships
  • Individual, Youth, Amateur, Novice, Joint, Assumed or Trade Name, Corporate, Syndicate or Joint Venture memberships
  • Decendent's Estate, Trust or Guardianship or other legal custodial entities partnership memberships

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